Native Noise

Online Portfolio of Paul Harold Almeida-Seele

Hi there, my name is Paul Almeida-Seele (Pronounced /ɐɫˈmejdɐ/ - /ˈzeːlə/). I recently married and am in the process of changing my name from Paul Seele to Paul Almeida-Seele - how thoroughly modern!

This site has served me well as an online portfolio for the last few years. In February 2014 I started a new role as International Technical Manager for the Warner Music Group.

The position has me working on tools and systems to support digital teams in all markets - project managing website development, reviewing legal compliance, hosting requirements and establishing best practice guidelines to technically deliver international digital marketing campaigns.

The new role involves a lot less direct development and public-facing projects so I won't be able to maintain the regular portfolio updates the way I did while working for the UK label.

Due to my new focus at work, future updates will likely be more personal and focused on my favourite pastime: photography.

I plan to give the whole site an overhaul at some point but in the meantime, you can read old posts here.

Thanks for looking me up.

by Paul Almeida-Seele