Sky Division on The Native Noise Acoustic Collection

In the short time that Sky Division have been together they have developed a powerful performance and a strong fan-base. They have played with the likes of 7th Son, A-Bomb, Velve, Tonight We Die and Sugardrive. The band keeps changing their direction, sound and members but the essence of great song writing remains. Of the 4 songs performed on Native Noise Heathen is the only one that is still included in the band’s live performances. This song will become a relic of where one of the country’s next great acts came from, look out for Sky Division in the months to come.

Song on The Native Noise Acoustic Collection:
Performed: 18 Sept 2004

At present this song is exclusive to The Native Noise Acoustic Collection.

Sky Division Are:
Troy – Vocals & Guitar
Kevin Hall – Bass
Davide – Trumpet
Owen Ingarfield – Drums