Flash form builder for Myspace

An ongoing challenge for the Warner Music Group has always been finding a way to capture data on Myspace profiles.

As an anti-phishing measure Myspace automatically re-writes any outgoing links. This would wreak havoc with our standard html data capture forms, and make it impossible to process any mailing list sign-ups.

After taking the time to study different methods of processing form data in ActionScript 3 I was able to build a working solution.

I created a dynamic swf that can be configured by flashvars in the embed code. The swf accepts a number of parameters to define how it looks and where to send the data.

Knowing how useful this tool would be for myself, I decided to make it really easy to configure. I set up a simple php form that creates the necessary embed code based on a few settings.

The following myspace profiles all use the form system and demonstrate how customizable the embed code is:
Cee Lo Green
James Rhodes
Biffy Clyro
Katherine Jenkins

Another major benefit of using this system is that all our myspace profiles are now based on the same template. So any changes or enhancements to the code can be rolled out across our artist site by updating just one file.