Now on Soundcloud: The Native Noise Acoustic Collection

It’s been eight years since I first released the Native Noise Acoustic Collection. The album was a collection of live recordings from the Native Noise radio show on UCT Radio. All the tracks were recorded straight from the studio’s sound desk, without any production or mastering, so the best way to release the album was to make it available for free from NativeNoise.co.za.

UCT Radio recently launched a new studio and they have been catching up with a lot of alumni. This got me thinking that it’s about time I modernized the collection and made it available to stream on Soundcloud. When the album was released in 2004, Soundcloud and Facebook didn’t exist and Myspace was still growing in popularity. So the Native Noise Acoustic Collection is quite a trip down memory lane.

A lot of the bands on the collection have broken up over the years, some have changed their names and others are still going strong.

Feel free to pass the soundcloud player around. By sharing this page on Facebook, you’ll also embed the whole set on your timeline.

Download the whole collection