Photos: Chobe National Park, Botswana (Honeymoon in Southern Africa Part 8)

Renowned as one of the best game reserves in the world, Chobe was a real treat. Botswana sure knows how to treat tourists well, from the friendly staff at the border crossing to expertly trained game rangers – it is no wonder the country’s tourism industry is such good shape.

We stayed at Chobe Safari Camp and signed up for two guided trips, one by boat and one by 4WD. The two trips helped us appreciate everything the park has to offer. The river and park are teaming with life and we couldn’t believe just how many elephants we saw. During our time in Botswana we are certain we saw more elephants than people. It was also impressive just how close we were to the wildlife, a young elephant even sized up our 4WD, but it was more endearing than threatening.

The closest town to our camp was Kasane where we finally parted ways with the 4WD we had called home for the last 14 days. It was an incredible adventure, but we were ready to move on and looking forward to sleeping in a real bed again.

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