Photos: Lumiere London Exhibition (Jan 2016)

On a cold January evening London’s streets and skies were illuminated with spectacular creations. The Lumiere London festival was a fantastic free art exhibition across landmarks in the city. A group of us braved the cold to explore the installations in Central London.

There was something magical about seeing Cedric Le Borgnehuman’s figures illuminated on the rooftops and even flying above the buildings. Or the sci-fi invasion of giant glowing fish-like creatures gliding through the busy Piccadilly Street in “Les Lumineoles” by Porte par le vent. While Thomas Veyssiere’s “Keyframes” entertained with an audio-visual spectacle of stick figures climbing and jumping across the face of buildings on Regent Street.

The mystical nature of the exhibition was taken further by the fact that some of London’s busiest streets were closed to vehicles. It felt very bizarre walking through the streets of the city without any cars. I was unable to see the full exhibition but the parts I did see were very impressive and an excellent way to spend a cold and traditionally gloomy January evening.